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Multiple Solutions

Accept various solutions like Pix, cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, etc.

Instant Payment

Pay and receive instantly across different regions.

Risk Control

Industry-leading fraud prevention and risk control for your financial security.

Clear Transparency

Help to understand the composition of each transaction

Convient Platforms

Pay with your way, get your device and finish the purchase easily.

Customer Service

Customized VIP service with 24/7 support on duty here for you.

Who we are

Cpayfin is a financial technology company that leverages our extensive payment network to enable businesses of all sizes to effectively process acquiring, payments, and settlements across various locations. 

Through continuous innovation, we provide flexible and personalized payment solutions to businesses with faster speeds, strict transparency, and stability. Built on an API platform, Cpayfin empowers businesses across industries to easily establish payment infrastructure and embed payment services into their customer touchpoints, enabling rapid implementation of projects with supported services.

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Robust Technological Infrastructure

As a leading payment company, Cpayfin boasts a powerful technological infrastructure to support high-performance payment processing. 

Our payment gateway is highly reliable and scalable, capable of handling large volumes of transactions and updating payment statuses in real-time. 

We also provide flexible API interfaces and integration solutions, enabling seamless integration of payment functionalities into merchants’ platforms and systems.


Customer Support and Satisfaction

Cpayfin is devoted to providing exceptional customer support and satisfaction. Our customer support team consists of professional experts in the payment industry who are readily available to answer your questions, provide technical assistance, and address your payment needs. 

We understand the challenges and requirements of our customers and strive to collaborate with them, offering personalized solutions and support.

Diverse Settlement Services

Cpayfin offers a range of settlement service options, including daily settlements, regular settlements and flexible settlement cycles. 

We provide various settlement solutions based on our customers’ needs and business models, allowing them to access funds promptly and manage cash flow efficiently.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Cpayfin offers powerful data analysis and reporting tools to help merchants gain in-depth insights into payment data and transaction trends.

Our reporting and analysis features provide key insights into sales data, customer behavior, and payment channel performance, enabling merchants to optimize their business and make strategic decisions.

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